If it’s not ‘over’, then it’s ‘under’

“Over and Under” is a song from the skies (or beneath the ground). Either way, it’s probably new to you. Give it a try (from your seat, or from that hole in the ground you are in the process of digging for yourself).

AUDIOboom appears by courtesy of our sponsors. It has no bearing on this pic.

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Apparently, ALL the candidates have put forward their version of how they want Salford to look in the new Millenium. I’ve found this one by the Tory hopeful. (If more turn up on the air waves, I’ll pass them on.) Meanwhile, keep calm, don’t panic, and don’t forget to vote on Thursday. If nobody gets any votes – well, it’s all been a bit of a big fuss, for nothing.

Manifesto from the Conservative ‘Mayor’


It’s no good me being all forthright and telling Salfordians they need to vote for a Mayor on 3rd May if they haven’t actually registered! That’s right, you need to get your name down on the list. Bouncers says, ‘If you’re not on The List, you’re not coming in’, and that applies to Polling Stations too. When you turn up on Thursday, 3rd May, you’ll need to be a name they recognise, or – well, we’ll be sorting out this Mayor business without you!

Register here to vote


It’s a fancy claim to say you ARE the ‘new Charles Dickens’, but luckily the newspapers just announced he’s been dead for a hundred years – and can’t protest.

Meanwhile, it’s not really possible to produce anything, let alone a book, for nothing. But hey, if you sponsor this project – even just a little bit – you get a free something or other. Prizes for all, and you know prize means –

Pay pennies, get treats