Here’s your chance.

All this week, right up to Saturday, the book about electing a Mayor in Salford is FREE to download from Amazon.

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Free book, anyone?


This is Woden’s Cave in Ordsall, Salford. It’s where hermits lived in the Middle Ages. Now that I am approaching middle age, I shall be retiring here tomorrow, after I have spoken to Alan Beswick on his Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Manchester at 8.45am and explained to him that my novel about electing a Mayor in Salford is finally finished and up on my website,


Just when you thought it couldn’t get more laughable, the local newspaper has decided it would be a good idea to get all the candidates for Mayor in Salford together and let them have a debate, in public, where we could all ask them questions. Simples. Well, it turns out that only 7 out of 10 are going to be there! Keep it coming, guys. This started out as a farce, but now it’s turning into a real comedy.

Candidates left out of debate


Just in case you weren’t sure – and who can be really sure of anything, in Salford, certainly – this is an article that explains where the idea of electing Mayors in Britain came from, and how the first ten years of it went. (It went.) Meanwhile, Salford is still on track to have the Mayoral election on Thursday, 3rd May, and my book about it happening is still here.

What electing a Mayor really means