No, you don’t !


Ouch, Mike’s getting philosophical.

The thing is this: we live in a modern world, and have access to the greatest store of facts ever made available to humankind. So, we all know everything, right?

Mike says No. He brings up a simple point to get started, and yes, his argument makes sense. It’s a video, shot in the upstairs room of Ordsall Community Cafe. But you already knew that, right? No? Well maybe Mike is right in what he says. You try it and see. Click on the link and away you go. It’s Philosophy Major down there in Ordsall.

Okay, guys. Click away


Crowd funding? Lots of people get together – in fact, a whole crowd of people – and each puts in a few quid. Then something happens, (which wouldn’t happen without their support). You get a nice warm feeling that you’ve made a difference, PLUS, depending on the amount, you get the chance of special goodies, all for you.

Crowd Funding