If it’s not ‘over’, then it’s ‘under’

“Over and Under” is a song from the skies (or beneath the ground). Either way, it’s probably new to you. Give it a try (from your seat, or from that hole in the ground you are in the process of digging for yourself).

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The BBC in the North West of England moved its offices and studios to Salford Quays. You’ve probably read all those books that have been written about the event. You haven’t? Well, probably not, because there’s been no news reports, no reviews, no mentions – in particular, NOTHING on the BBC, on any channel, any programme, any arts show or news programme. Funny, that. Fancy the Corporation not wanting to admit that they’re being criticised on their home turf of Salford. After all, they’re getting enough flak about ‘Newsnight’, Jimmy Savile and everything else. Who needs Salford stuff? Not the BBC, apparently.

Book review – yeah, THAT book