No, it’s true. Mike Scantlebury is about five foot ten, and he’s often seen about Salford, mostly on the pavement, but sometimes straying into the road. He is an example of an Internet author. You can find them in all shapes and sizes, from large to very large, extremely large to enormous. He’s good at the whole edit business where you are expected to put down information about yourself and various websites and blogs around the globe so readers can get to know where you’re coming from, and where they are going to, the door, the handle and who got on the bus first.

Don’t forget, Salford, it’s standing room only from here on in.

(Or on the tram. That’s a yellow tram, in the picture. No, it’s not in Salford, but then, what else is? It reminds some of us of a Salford tram. The only difference is that this one seems to be moving, and on quite a regular basis.)

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