Drawing in the park

Mike goes down to his local tram stop (properly socially distanced, with a mask – in his pocket) and finds himself mentioned on a poster.

Mike at tram stop, stopped in his tracks. Astonished

The drawing is part of a series commissioned from an artist in The Netherlands called Jan. Jane and Mike had several sessions online with Jan, and told him all about their experiences in Buile Hill park in the centre of Salford. Jan decided to include the singing duo in his exploration of the fifty acres.

It’s them! The Jane and Mike Band. (You can find them on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and all good music stores). Also, they are resident singers on ‘The Green Giraffes and Worms’ radio show, saved as podcasts on SoundCloud – just go to SoundCloud and type ‘Green Giraffes and Worms podcasts’ into the Search Box. It brings up an extended Playlist.)

Thanks to Mark Frith of ‘Growing Togetherness’ for inviting Jane and Mike in to the consultation phase. Mark is responsible for developing the old allotment site at the bottom of Buile Hill (the old Seedley Park bowling green) over the last year and is mentioned also.

Plus, observe the giant words ‘Incredible Edible Salford’, a project that celebrated its eighth birthday in February. Mark was involved at the beginning, but then moved on. (Mike is IES’s Company Secretary at the moment, ongoing.)

Thanks to the ‘Sick Festival’ for inventing the project and arranging the series of drawings of local areas all around Manchester. (As you might expect, this Salford drawing is the best, probably).

2 thoughts on “Drawing in the park

  1. Hi Mike, I saw your video on how to write a spy novel and I was wondering if I could get your opinion/help on an issue. I’m in the middle of writing a spy novel and have some questions about which direction to go in. My email address is bodner.rachel@gmail.com
    Thanks so much in advance,

    • I’m not sure I’m the best person to advise you – I’m a writer, like you, so we’re both on the same side of the fence. Maybe you need someone in the publishing business to lean on – like an Agent, or Publisher.
      Well, if that’s not possible, I’m willing to give it a try.
      Post your question below.

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